Why has Hometown been successful in partnering with local pharmacists??

The pharmacy business has become increasingly complex. Business experience, buying power, local relationships and combining multiple skills is the backbone of why our partnerships work.

Why does Hometown want to partner with local pharmacists??

One of the special characteristics of independent Pharmacy is relationships built between local pharmacists and their staff with their community, patients and providers. We like to partner with pharmacists who believe in patient care and going the extra mile. We find when a pharmacist owns a good portion of the business it enhances this attribute and creates a winning situation for both.

Why is Hometown a good partner for a local pharmacist??

1. Enhanced Buying Power
Generics, OTC, supplies, vials. Employee benefit plans.

2. Business Services
Payroll, accounting, banking, contracting, accounts payable, accounts receivables, information technology, marketing, purchasing, distribution, human resources.

3. Multiple Skill Sets Within The Company
Specializing in compounding, speciality, DME, MTM's and immunizations to draw from and enhance everyone's location.

4. Staffing Assistance
With so many other locations there are ample opportunities to locate quality relief help.

5. Ability To Garner Cost Effective Financing To Start Or Expand Pharmacies

6. Profitability
We have proven we can enhance profitability significantly with the combination of the above attributes.

7. Quality Of Life
While we expect our partners to work hard – by being part of a family of pharmacies we believe you can own a store and still be a quality parent, spouse and community citizen. While most business owners have to be a pharmacist and handle all of the other business functions – we handle all of the business functions so you can concentrate on patient care and building relationships in your community. We share and encourage our partners to learn as much about business as they wish but realize most pharmacists have not been trained in business practices. From a pharmacy standpoint we also share responsibilities and have certain professionals take the lead on key items such as compounding and immunizations.

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